System Requirements
System Requirements
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This system can be utilized from various browsers with varying support grades**:
    A-grade supported browsers:
  • Firefox 3.0 on Windows Vista
  • Firefox 3.0 on Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Vista
  • Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7
  • Safari 4.0 on Windows Vista
  • Safari 4.0 on Mac OSX Leopard
  • Safari 4.0 on Mac OSX Snow Leopard
    C-grade supported browsers:
  • Netscape
  • Firefox < 2.0
  • Safari < 3.0
  • Internet Explorer < 7.0
    Additional features The following items are recommended for better performance:
  • Adobe® Reader® 8 or higher
  • Javascript should be enabled in your browser
A note about graded browser support
A-grade browsers offer the highest level of supported features. These browsers utilize the newest functionality of the most highly capable web standards.

C-grade browsers offer a more basic variety of support. These browsers typically conform to basic HTML rendering and are limited in their ability in viewing more advanced functionality