How can I tell whether my browser has adequate security for exchanging private information via the Web?
Your browser should support 128-bit encryption (security programming). For two common browsers, follow these instructions to find out the level of encryption for your browser:

Internet Explorer 7.0:

At the top of the browser window, navigate to Help > About Internet Explorer. Check the Cipher Strength setting. It should say 128-bit or higher.


While connected to this site, double-click the padlock icon in the bottom right corner. In the pop-up that appears, verify that you're using high-grade encryption.

How can I obtain a browser with 128-bit encryption technology?

Contact your internet service provider (ISP), such as AOL, or visit the web site of the company that makes your favorite browser. We recommend Internet Explorer. Upgrades are usually free to download.

Is this a secure site?

Once you log on to this site, information transmitted between you and this site on our secured pages is encrypted, which helps us prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing your sensitive data.

How can I tell if my connection to this site is secure?

Once you log on to this site, you will see on certain pages a security icon or symbol (for example, a padlock) in the lower right-hand side of your screen. This symbol generally appears on pages from which we collect sensitive information. If the symbol is there, it means that data you submit on that page is encrypted. Encrypting data helps us to stop unauthorized third parties from accessing your data while it is being transferred to Healthx.

What does the Thawte logo at the top of the this web site mean?

We keep your sensitive data secure, and to reassure you of that, we participate in the Thawte Secure Site Program. Certain Web pages display the Thawte logo. If the logo is on the page you are visiting, you know that this is an authentic Web site, and that all information you submit is encrypted. We participate in this program to help you feel comfortable about submitting your information to us during your secure session.